Basic DIRECTV® troubleshooting help

While we don't install or repair DIRECTV System equipment, if you're searching our site for help, we want to provide resources that get you answers to your questions.

Getting to know your DVR

Taking care of technical issues

Technical difficulties can make you wish for simpler times. Fortunately, even though things may seem bleak, a lot of problems can be fixed easily and quickly. These links take you to solutions for the most common, headache-causing problems:

You can visit the DIRECTV Technical Forum to see if other customers have experienced a problem similar to yours and/or if someone there has a recommendation for your unique situation.

Your owner's manual is another good source of helpful information. If you've misplaced yours, no problem. You can find links to all the DIRECTV equipment manuals -- organized and in one place -- on the DIRECTV website.

Tip: If you're seeing a big, blue error message on your TV screen, check out these video tutorials that explain the code and what you need to do to fix it.

Enjoying the benefits of mobile technology

If you're still experiencing problems and want to speak with someone about what's happening, contact DIRECTV.

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