Find out what's on TV

Quickly find what's on Prism® TV with a couple clicks of your remote.

The “Flip Bar” lets you see what’s on now, and what’s on later. Simply Arrow Up to see shows and movies you’ve recently watched including live and On Demand. Push the Up arrow twice to see a list of your recent DVR recordings.

To see what’s on later, Arrow Down and then Arrow Right.

You can also use the search feature to find your favorite movies, shows, actors, or channels, and search the guide, On Demand, and even your recordings.

Access search through the Menu, or simply select the “B” Button on your remote. Use the arrows to enter your search, or use the alpha-numeric buttons on the remote keypad…For example, press 2 once for “A,” press 2 twice for “B,” etc.

Once your search is complete, you can filter your results by selecting “Options.”

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Prism® TV Channel Lineup
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