Scheduling future recordings on your Prism® TV DVR

There are three ways to schedule DVR recordings:
  • From the Guide Screen
  • From the Program Info Screen
  • Using manual entry

Recording from the Guide Screen

To schedule a recording from the Guide Screen, press the GUIDE key on your remote control to access the Guide Screen. (You can also press the MENU key on your and select GUIDE from the main menu.) Use the ARROW keys on your remote control to navigate the Guide and highlight a program you want to schedule to be recorded. You can use the FF key to jump forward to the same time block for the next day.

Press RECORD once to schedule a single recording. A red dot will appear next to the program title to indicate a recording is scheduled.

Press RECORD twice to schedule the same show at the same day and time every week. Three red dots will indicate the series will be recorded.

To cancel the recording, press RECORD a third time. All dots will disappear.

When you're finished scheduling recordings, press EXIT TO TV to return to your last viewed channel.

Recording from the Program Info Screen

  1. To schedule a recording from the Program Info Screen, press the INFO key while watching the program you want to record or press the GUIDE key and use the ARROW keys to highlight the program to record, then press INFO.
  3. Press OK.
  4. Press OK a second time to confirm.

Press EXIT TO TV to return to your last viewed channel.

Scheduling a Recording Manually

  1. To schedule a single recording manually, press RECORDED TV on your remote (or press MENU, then select Recorded TV). Use the ARROWS to select CREATE A MANUAL RECORDING. Press OK.
  2. Use the ARROW KEYS to select channel and start and end times.
  3. Use the ARROW keys to select RECORD.
  4. Press OK. The Record screen will appear.

Your scheduled programs will be recorded as long as the set top box is turned on or in standby mode. However, scheduled recordings will be lost if a power failure or interruption occurs during the recording.

Up to four programs can be watched live or recorded at one time. If you try to watch or record more than four programs, the DVR will alert you and give you options on how to proceed.

For more information on using your Prism Whole Home DVR, watch the Prism Help On Demand videos on recordingcanceling and viewing programs.

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