View locked shows using your Prism® TV Parental Control PIN

You can view locked programming by entering your parental control PIN.

Viewing Locked Programming

  1. To view locked programming, select a program by channeling up or down or use the NUMBER keys to enter a channel and press OK. (You can also use the GUIDE to browse programs and channels: Press GUIDE to see a list of programs. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to select a program. Press OK.)

  2. You will be prompted to unlock the programming.

  3. Press OK.
    • Use the arrow keys to select UNLOCK THIS PROGRAM to view the current program.
    • OR you can also select UNLOCK ALL TV FOR 4 HOURS.
  4. Press OK.

If you have Locked Adult Programs, you will not be given the option to UNLOCK ALL TV FOR 4 HOURS.

For more information on using your Parental Controls, watch the Help On Demand videos on creating your PINlocking shows by rating and locking On Demand rentals.

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