Prism equipment overview

At installation, you receive three pieces of Prism equipment: a residential gateway, a set-top box and a remote control.

The Gateway

The residential gateway is your connection to the Internet and Prism service. It is a fully-functional router and wireless access point. It also provides firewall protection to the networked devices connected to your Prism service. During installation, both your set-top box and your computers were connected to the gateway.

The Set-Top Box

The SET-TOP BOX is the link between the gateway and your television that receives your TV signal from the gateway. During normal operation of the SET-TOP BOX, the green power light will remain lit. If this light isn't on, the unit is off or needs to be reset due to a power failure or interruption. To reset it, simply press and hold the power button for five seconds. The Set-Top Box will return to the active mode.

The green light labeled "Link" should also be lit during operation. The red recording light indicates a recording is in progress. If you subscribe to High Definition programming, the blue light labeled "HD" will be lit when you are receiving High Definition programming.

The Remote Control

Use your remote control to operate the set-top box. You can also use the controls on the front of your set-top box for basic operations. The MENU key will launch the MAIN MENU. Use the ARROW keys to navigate and highlight. Press the OK key to make selections.

For more information about using your Prism remote control, watch the Prism Help On Demand videos on programming and operating your remote control.

Or download and print a user guide tailored to your remote control.

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