Use the Prism® TV app to manage your DVR

Get complete control of your DVR service, just by using the Prism TV app on your smartphone or tablet.

Using a smartphone or tablet, download the Prism TV app from one of the app stores, and sign in with your CenturyLink email and password.

If you are not sure if you have a CenturyLink email and password, it's easy to set one up, and it's required for using Prism TV on any device.

Scheduling and managing your Whole Home DVR recordings with the Prism® TV app is easy. From the program guide, tap on any show and select the record option. Youc an choose to record single shows, an entire series, and other options. You can also cancel a scheduled recording. The program guide will also show you what you are recording.

  • Tap the TV icon to manage your DVR
  • Tap the TV icon a second time to see scheduled and completed recordings
  • You can also sort recordings by date or title
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