Remote control trouble?

Steps you can take if you're having trouble using your Prism remote control.

Having trouble using your Prism remote control?

  1. First, press the STB key on your remote.
  2. Then try changing channels with your remote.
The STB mode on the remote has to be selected to control your set-top box.

If your remote still does not work, turn your television off and on by pressing the POWER button on your television--not the power button on the remote.

Then, press and hold the POWER button on the set-top box for 5 seconds to restart. As the set-top box restarts, you will see a progress screen with three dots, Microsoft Media Room screen and the CenturyLink logo before you see video.

Also check to make sure that nothing is blocking the front of your set-top box. Aim the remote directly at your set-top box and try changing channels with it.

If you can't change channels using your remote, press the CHANNEL UP and DOWN buttons on the front of the set-top box. 

If you can change channels using the box, try putting new batteries in your remote.

If you're still having trouble using your remote control, chat online with Prism technical support.

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