Setting up your Prism RF remote control

The illustrated Prism® TV RF remote control user guide explains what your new remote buttons do, how to set up your remote in various ways, and includes helpful code lists for reference.

RF remote controls operate on radio frequencies and do not need a line-of-sight to the set-top box. With this remove, you can control your set-top box through furniture or even walls.

Pairing the RF remote control to the set-top box

RF remote control equipment includes both a remote control and a USB RF adaptor. First, install the batteries in the remote control, then remove the sticker on the back of the USB RF adapter and secure it to the top of the set-top box. Position the adapter with the curved edge extending past the face of the set-top box. Secure the RF adapter to the front edge of the set-top box.
Note: Position the adapter above the "IR" designation (if labeled) on the set-top box. Positions may vary depending on the model of your set-top box.

Plug the USB connector into an open USB port on the back of the set-top box. The RF adaptor must be blinking before continuing. On the remote, press and hold the SETUP and NAV UP keys at the same time until the Prism STB button on the remote begins blinking. The green LED light on the RF adapter will stop blinking and stay on when the pairing is complete.

Troubleshooting pairing

If the pairing is not successful, the Prism STB button on the remote will blink one long blink and exit pairing mode. If the LED on the RF adapter is not lit, then either the pairing failed or the adapter is not receiving power. If pairing failed, unplug the USB connector and repeat the pairing process.

Also, when the remote's batteries need to be replaced, the mode key will blink five times every time you press a key.

Programming the RF remote control

Once you have successfully paired the RF remote, you can program it to control your other devices -- like your television, DVD or blu-ray player.

Let's start with your television first. Turn on your television. Press and hold the setup key until the current mode key blinks twice. Then press the mode key for the device you want to set up, TV in this case. The mode key will stay lit. Press and hold the OK key until the device, in this case the TV, turns off. Repeat this process for each device you want to control.

If this mode-programming method doesn't work, refer to your remote control user guide for additional setup instructions.

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