Understanding Prism® TV recommendations

Your Prism TV service can provide recommendations on what to watch based on your viewing habits and provide On Demand movie suggestions based on your previous rentals.

Programming Recommendations

  1. To see your television programming recommendations, select the MENU button on your remote control.

  2. Arrow up to Recommendations and select OK. Now you will see recommendations for programs that are On Now, On Next, Most Popular, programs on Premium channels, and On Demand.

  3. Use the Arrow keys to highlight a category and press OK to see the top 10 recommended programs in that category.

  4. Use the arrow keys to highlight a program and press OK to watch it.
Tip: As you watch and select more programs, the recommendations engine will learn more about your viewing preferences.

On Demand Recommendations

  1. To see recommendations, press the On Demand button on your remote control.
  2. Use the ARROW keys to scroll down to Movies and press OK.
  3. Scroll to a movie you are interested in or movie that you like and press OK.
  4. On the movie information page, use the arrow keys to navigate to Recommended in the top right corner or the screen. Now you will see other movies that you may like based on your selection and viewing habits.
  5. Navigate to one of the options and select OK to see information about that recommendation and to watch it.

Opt Out of On Demand Recommendations

  1. To opt out of recommendations, select the MENU button on your remote.
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll down and highlight SETTINGS and press OK.
  3. Arrow down to Control Content and select OK.
  4. Arrow right to Recommendation Settings and select OK.
  5. Press OK again to Change your settings.
  6. Arrow down to select Opt-Out of Personal Recommendations.
  7. Arrow over to select Save and press OK.

Opting out of recommendations will also disable recommendations for live programs AND On Demand movies. If you re-enable recommendations, you will not see recommended options until you rent a movie again.

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