Closed captions and audio descriptions

CenturyLink Prism® TV offers two features that assist the hearing impaired and visually impaired.

Closed captions

To turn on closed captions or change the caption appearance, press the MENU button on your remote control and go to Settings > On-screen Text > Closed Captions.

TIP: You can also press the C button to quickly access closed caption settings.

Select Closed captions on. To save the settings, use the ARROW button to navigate to Done and press OK.

From the Closed Captions menu, you can also change how closed captioning looks or make the text bigger. Next to Digital closed captioning and select Change. Now scroll down to Text Settings. From this menu, you can change the text size, color, opacity and style of digital closed captions.

When you are done making changes, use the ARROW button to navigate to Done and press OK.

Audio Descriptions

You can also turn on Audio Description to hear a description of visuals on programs that provide this feature.

To enable Audio description, press the menu button on your remote and go to Settings > Audio and select Audio Description. You can enable the description and change the volume of the feature. Select Save when you are finished.

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