Simply Unlimited Internet speeds up to 140 Mbps

Internet Service speeds up to 140 Mbps ($55/mo.; equipment lease/purchase fee may apply, installation fee up to $149)

Speed may not be available in your area.

Paperless billing required.  Taxes and fees apply.  



Customer speed experiences will vary, particularly when accessing the Internet wirelessly from various devices.  Download speeds are via a wired connection.  Internet speeds are not guaranteed due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, devices, equipment, and access through a wired or wireless connection; see for more information.


Service is not available everywhere. Offer is available to qualifying customers only. Limited time offer.  Monthly service rate, leased equipment rates, installation and constructions fees, taxes, and fees are subject to change and, if any changes are made to existing CenturyLink accounts in any manner, all prior discounts will be void. Equipment: Customers may provide their own compatible equipment, lease from CenturyLink (up to $15/mo. fee + tax), or one-time purchase (up to $200 + tax). Installation: A one-time installation fee may apply depending on network technology at customer location: Standard installation fee up to $25 (technician completes work outside of location and customer installs equipment /connects devices inside) or technician installation fee up to $149 (technician completes work outside of location and installs equipment /connects devices inside). Construction: For new Internet installations, construction charges apply (“Construction Charges”). Customers will pay $500 unless the total cost equals or exceeds $1,000, and in that case, Customer will be responsible to pay the entire amount of Construction Charges, which usually does not exceed $2,000. Customers must approve Construction Charges before work begins; either party may cancel with no further obligations. Month to month (referred to as “no contract”) service means no term commitment and may be cancelled at any time without an early termination fee but customer must accept Internet Subscriber Agreement prior to using service (see To receive advertised rate, all customers must enroll in paperless billing and agree to not receive a paper invoice from CenturyLink. If paperless billing is cancelled or not activated in a timely manner, the then-current standard monthly rate will apply. Customer may access their monthly invoice in My CenturyLink online account. Customers who elect to receive a paper bill will be charged $2 for each applicable monthly bill. Postpay: A credit check or deposit may apply. Prepay: Service will begin on the date your order is completed and full payment is processed through your choice of debit card, credit card, or other prepay service available with your subscription.  Each month following, a recurring e-commerce transaction for your service will be processed as service automatically renews monthly until cancelled by customer.  See for applicable taxes and fees. Additional restrictions apply.