A smarter network for a smarter campus

CenturyLink is working with educators to help create digitally secure, connected campuses.

What powers a smarter, safer campus?
Discover how the internet of things (IoT) combines devices, big data and analytics to make campuses efficient, safe and smart.
The role of an intelligent network
Learn how every successful smart campus initiative requires a robust, intelligent network foundation.
Greater value in every industry
Find out how CenturyLink’s Smart Solutions are driving business value across verticals.
Build a smarter, more sustainable campus
A smarter campus creates new, intuitive learning experiences, improves campus safety, and drives operational efficiencies that advance sustainability.
Smart campus solutions
Digital Connections
Learn about CenturyLink’s reliable, secure networking solutions that can help you build a smart campus to meet your needs, today and into the future.
Learning Spaces
CenturyLink’s services are uniquely designed, deployed, managed, and specially priced for educational institutions, including availability on multiple contracts.
Security & Safety
Safety continues to grow as a top priority for educators. Discover how CenturyLink services are helping to better protect students, faculty, and data.
Data Analytics
CenturyLink is helping education leaders gain the deep insights needed to drive efficiencies and reduce costs—all while improving learning outcomes and increasing retention.
Connected venue. Reduced costs.
See how the Denver Broncos connected its facilities to deliver a better, more interactive fan experience.

Smarter fleet management
Make faster, smarter decisions with real-time driver, vehicle and central operations data.

IoT for the connected campus
Find out how institutions are using the Internet of Things (IoT) and the network to improve education, engagement and more.
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