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The mission of CenturyLink’s Federal Procurement organization is to provide procurement and subcontract support for its Federal Government customers. In doing so, CenturyLink fully supports its Small Business Program initiatives.

All procurement activities are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, recognized standards of business conduct, the CenturyLink compliance program and the expectations of our Federal customers via regulatory flow down requirements.

While CenturyLink does not guarantee work to potential subcontractors, suppliers, and/or teaming partners, we nonetheless engage quality HUBzone businesses, service disabled veteran-owned businesses, small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, veteran owned businesses, and woman-owned businesses.


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CenturyLink Federal Procurement Policy

CenturyLink policy recognizes the uniqueness of the federally mandated procurement policies that flow through CenturyLink's prime contracts and subcontracts. As such, a separate set of policies, processes and procedures for compliance has been constructed and separately maintained for all CenturyLink Federal procurements. These policies substantially reflect the flow down provisions of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and agency supplemental regulations.

The following terms and conditions are incorporated into applicable POS and/or RFQs.

Additional Mandatory Flowdowns
The following links contain contract specific mandatory requirements.  The reference at the end of the purchase order (PO) or RFQ that linked you to this page also defined the name of the flowdown file that applies to your PO or RFQ.  Please click the applicable file link to see the additional mandatory language that applies to your PO or RFQ.  Should you have questions, contact the buyer listed on the PO.
Small Business Program
CenturyLink Federal Procurement actively seeks and recruits qualified businesses as described below to fulfill its subcontract, procurement and teaming diversity requirements on behalf of our Federal customers.
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