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Turning Alert Center notifications on or off

In Control Center, you can use the Alert Center notification tool to select when (and how) you want to be notified about your CenturyLink account. You can choose whether you would like us to post alerts in Control Center when you log in or you can opt to have us email or text you notifications. And when you have a new alert, Alert Center adds a flag to the Alerts icon () so you're sure not to miss it.

Currently you can only set up alerts for portal messages in Alert Center, but you can also set up billing reminders (by email) using Control Center.

To turn Alert Center notifications on or off:

  1. Click the Alerts icon () in the upper-right corner.

    Control Center displays a list of your current notifications. The page automatically shows your last ten records (as links), assuming you have that many to view. To view details for the alert, click the link.
  1. Click Notification Settings.
  1. Make your changes:

    • Use the toggles to turn notifications on or off for each of the alert options listed.

    • Next to the toggle for each alert you've turned on, select (make blue) or clear (make gray) the type of notification you want to receive. Select either email or text. The notifications are sent to the address and mobile number in your profile. If you don't have either in your profile, you won't be able to select that option. After you add your mobile number or email address, then you can go back and select the option.

Note: Turning a notification off doesn’t mean you won’t get notices. It means notifications will default to email.
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