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Adding a schedule for a weekly recurring event during office hours

If you want to have different options for your daytime and after hours Auto Attendant, as an administrator, you can create a schedule. A schedule is comprised of a series of events. An event is equal to a day of the week. The hours for each event reflect working hours for that day.

Events can recur weekly or yearly. The default schedule comes predefined and you can either edit or delete existing events or add new ones.

To add a weekly event to a recurring office hour schedule:
  1. Click the Advanced Services tab. 
  1. Click Auto Attendants
  1. From the Actions list, select Edit Service

The Incoming Call tab opens.

  1. Click the Schedule tab.

    The Office Hours tab opens.
  1. Click Edit Time Schedule.  
  1. To select the days of the week you want to add to your schedule, click Add
  1. Select the Weekly radio button to schedule the event once a week.
  1. From the Recur On list, select the day of the week the event occurs on.
  1. Click Save.
  1. Click the Events tab.
  1. In the Name field, type a name to describe the event.  
  1. To set the time of the event, do one of the following:  

    • If the event is all day, select the All Day Event checkbox.

    • If the event is for certain hours, set the hours: 

      1. In the Start field, select the date to start the event from the calendar.

      2.  From the hour list, select the hour to start the event.

      3. From the minutes list, select the number of minutes past the hour the event starts.

      4. From the AM list, select either morning or afternoon. 
  1. Click Save, then click Save again.
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