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Viewing a call report of an Auto Attendant

As an administrator, you can view a report to see the call activities of an Auto Attendant. 

To view a call report:
  1. Click the Advanced Services tab. 
  1. Click Auto Attendants
  1. From the Actions list, select Edit Service

The Incoming Call tab opens.

  1. Click the Reporting tab.
  1. From the Range list, select a time frame for the report you want to see.
  1. Click Run Report.
  1. Click Done.

The report contains the following information: 

Destination—numbers the Auto Attendant routed calls to

Description—menu description (if applicable)

Key—Auto Attendant menu key that's related to the phone number (if applicable)

Answered—total number of calls answered by the destination

Busy—total number of calls to the destination that were busy

Not Answered—total number of calls to the destination that were not answered

Other—total number of calls falling out of the previous three categories; including transfers, routing to voicemail, or another Auto Attendant

Total Calls—total number of calls routed to the destination

Duration—total number of minutes for all the calls

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