View a call report of an Auto Attendant

As an administrator, you can view a report to see the call activities of an Auto Attendant. 

To view a call report:

  1. Click the Reporting tab.
  1. From the Range list, select a time frame for the report you want to see.
  1. Click Run Report.
  1. Click Done.


The report contains the following information: 


Destination — numbers the Auto Attendant routed calls to


Description — menu description (if applicable)


Key — Auto Attendant menu key that's related to the phone number (if applicable)


Answered — total number of calls answered by the destination


Busy — total number of calls to the destination that were busy


Not Answered — total number of calls to the destination that were not answered


Other — total number of calls falling out of the previous three categories; including transfers, routing to voicemail, or another Auto Attendant


Total Calls — total number of calls routed to the destination


Duration — total number of minutes for all the calls

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