Add a phone

As an administrator, you can use this wizard to add common area phones for a breakroom and lobby. Adding a phone is similar to adding a user; however, adding a phone doesn’t allow you to include a user ID for user portal access.

When you add a phone, you will select the number and can add a description or name for the phone.

To add a phone:

  1. Click Add a Phone.
  1. Click Start.
  1. From the Phone Number list, select an available number.
  1. From the Station list, select Premium User Station (if not already selected).
  1. In the Device field select a physical device from the list. The MAC address selected for the device must coincide with the phone that will appear in that location.
  1. In the First Name field, type a name for the caller ID.
  1. In the Last Name field, type a last name.
  1. Click Save.

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