Handle incoming calls

There are four different ways to manage the calls your organization receives:


  1. Hunt group wizard — select all phones to ring at the same time or multiple phones to ring in a certain order

  2. Call queue wizard — this feature is not currently supported

  3. Call Forwarding wizard — calls made to one number are redirected to ring at a different number

  4. Auto Attendant wizard — calls are automatically transferred to an extension by the system, rather than have a receptionist or operator answer the call

See steps on how to access the call handling tools.

Hunt group wizard

Auto Attendant wizard

Access call handling tools

As an administrator, you can access all four call handling tools to manage calls to your business in the SIMPLE portal.

To access the call handling tools:

  1. Click Handling Incoming Calls.
  1. From the Find phone number list, select an unassigned phone number.
  1. Click Next.

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