Upload and download SIMPLE device files

As an administrator, you can upload a CSV file, download a CSV template, download a list of supported devices, download a list of sites; and view whether your CSV file uploaded successfully.

The actions you can take include:

  • Upload a CSV file — use a CSV file to upload MAC addresses for new phones.

  • Download a CSV template — use this template to list the MAC addresses of the phones for your service.

  • Download list of support devices — this lists the phones and ATAs supported by this platform; however, we only allow the Cisco 6841 for the phone and Cisco 191 for ATA for SIMPLE.

  • Download list of sites — this lists all locations on the platform associated with your organization.

  • Show upload results — shows the status for uploads performed and what if any, devices failed to upload.

To upload files or download templates:

3. From the Import list, select the action you wish to take. 

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