Turn Call Waiting on and off for a user

As a SIMPLE administrator, you can turn the Call Waiting feature on for users so they can put a call on hold and take a second call. If the feature is turned off and a user is on a call, additional callers will go to voicemail.

Note: We recommend you keep this feature turned on so your users have the ability to put a caller on hold and answer a second call.

To allow users be on one call and receive another call, this feature needs to be turned on. 

To turn Call Waiting on or off:

  1. Click the Calling Permissions tab.

    The Outbound Calling tab opens.
  1. Click the Call Waiting tab.

6. To turn Call Waiting on, select the Allow checkbox. To turn it off, unselect the checkbox.

  1. Click Save.

Note:  You can also turn Call Waiting on and off from the Users tab.

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