Turn on Voicemail Opt-Out for a SIMPLE user

As an administrator, you can turn on the feature that allows callers to either leave a  message or be transferred to another number.

Note: When this feature is on, the voicemail greeting needs to change to give callers the option to either leave a message or press 0 to be transferred to the operator or someone who will assist them.

To turn Voicemail Opt-Out on:

  1. Click the Voicemail tab.
  1. Select the Transfer on '0' to phone number checkbox to enable a caller to exit out of voicemail and speak to an operator or assistant.
  1. In the Phone Number field, type the 10-digit phone number of the operator or assistant.
  1. Click Save.

Note: You can also turn on Voicemail Opt-Out from the Users tab.

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