Change a phone assigned to a user

As an administrator, you can change a phone assigned to a user when needed. If a user’s phone is not working or cannot find the network, you can assign another phone to the user. First, you'll need to remove (unassign) the old phone, then add (reassign) a new phone. You'll use the phone's MAC address to tell the SIMPLE portal which phone you have assigned to the user.

Unassign a phone

Before you assign a new phone to a user, you need to remove the old one.

To unassign a phone:

  1. Click the Devices tab.

    Write down the MAC address for the bad device so you don’t select the same MAC address when assigning the new phone.
  1. Click Unassign Device.
  1. Click Unassign.

Assign a phone

Next, you need to assign the new phone to that user.

To assign a phone:

  1. Click the Find and add an application field, then select the MAC address of the replacement phone from the list.
  1. From the Line list, select the number of phone lines the user needs.
  1. Click Save.
  1. Plug the new phone in; the same features assigned to the old phone will automatically be applied to the new one.
  1. In the Phone Codec options section, make sure the Normal Use is selected. Don't select  Multi-User Phone (Hoteling Host); this is currently not supported.

Note: You can also change a phone assigned to a user from the Numbers tab.

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