Turning Call Forwarding Unanswered Calls on and off for a user

The voicemail default is to forward unanswered calls to voicemail. As an administrator, you can turn Call Forwarding Unanswered Calls off; callers will hear the phone ring without an option to leave a message. After the feature has been turned off, you can turn it back on.

Note: We recommend you don’t turn off this feature because callers can't leave a message. 

To turn Call Forwarding Unanswered Calls off or on:

  1. Click the Voicemail tab.
  1. Change the Voicemail Service toggle to on.
  1. To turn off the feature, deselect the Send unanswered calls to voicemail checkbox. Remember, this will allow the number to ring with no answer from voicemail.

    To turn the feature back on, select the same checkbox.
  1. Click Save.

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