CenturyLink Protected Internet
Smart Security, built right in
CenturyLink Protected Internet protects your network and all the devices connected to it from online threats in real time, and is available on select CenturyLink modems.

Security for today's connected business

Look around you, connected devices are now part of your business! Connected thermostats, Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, smart lightbulbs, touchscreen appliances, Smart TVs, cameras, and many more devices are now part of business landscape. They make our jobs easier - and more fun! But most devices aren't built to be secure. Anything that connects to the Internet can also connect to online threats. That's why CenturyLink Protected Internet is more important than ever.

CenturyLink Protected Internet provides automatic protection for your entire network. The security is built right into the modem and automatically protects all connected devices (even those without a display) from being exposed to online threats. Businesses can feel confident that their network is secure and that their data, assets, resources and reputation are safeguarded.

How can I get CenturyLink Protected Internet?

CenturyLink Protected Internet is built right into select CenturyLink modems. It is not available everywhere yet, but it will be soon.