Digital phone user guides

for CenturyLink® SIMPLE™

User guides

Welcome guide
How to successfully set up your service.

Basic functions

Cisco 6800-series IP phone
How-to guide for using your phone.
Using My Account
General tips for using the portal to manage all the customer’s sites.
Voice Portal
Manage your voice mailbox and record Auto Attendant greetings from any telephone.
Voice Portal Menu Tree
Quick reference for voice commands.
Push to Talk
Find out how to turn your phone into an intercom.
Call Forwarding
Route calls to a desired location depending on certain criteria.
Call Waiting
Put your current call on hold to answer a different incoming call.

Advanced functions

Learn how to allow users to receive, place and see status of calls from another user’s line.
Simultaneous Ring
A mobility solution that lets you designate a single phone number for all incoming calls.
Unified Messaging
Access your voicemails and faxes via multiple options beyond direct phone access.
Feature Access Codes Table Guide
See a handy table to help you to create “star codes” to control certain calling features.

Administrator guides

Using My Site
General use tips for using the portal to manage a specific site.
Auto Attendant
Create a professional first impression with auto attendant.
Find out how to route calls based on day of week and/or time of day.
Create Feature Access Codes
Control the configuration of certain calling features.
Music on Hold
Customize the music your callers listen to when on hold.
Alternate Numbers
Make multiple numbers ring into the same phone.
Monitoring (Busy Lamp)
Check the line status (e.g., active or inactive) of other phones through the additional line keys on their phone.
Phone and User Assignments
Review the foundation for all other service setup components of the BroadCloud PBX service.
Call Center
Create sharing resources across a team of people to achieve a common goal, or perform a common task.
Call Queue
Temporarily hold calls in the cloud.
Group Paging
Set up a one-way call to a group of up to 75 target users by dialing a number or extension.
Inbound/Outbound Calling Plans
Manage your inbound and outbound calling plans for each site and user.
Lead Numbers
Make immediate changes to lead numbers that access various calling features.