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CenturyLink Communications, LLC offers Miscellaneous as a Services (MaaS) for Cloud Business Continuity, SafeHaven, Threat Management Services, IP Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Services, Log Management Services, Firewall with IPS - Data Center based, Incident Response, Firewall Data Center or Agency, Network intrusion detection and care at agency, DDOS, Integrity Monitoring Services, Database Oracle RAC.

In addition, CenturyLink offers Cloud Technical Services for all types of Cloud services needs such as Program Manager, Quality Assurance Analyst, IT Systems Architecture, Systems Administration, Data Administration etc.

The CenturyLink Contract may be used by State and Local Government, Public Education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the State. This contract has no resellers.

CenturyLink offers Cloud Services, Miscellaneous as a Service (MaaS) for Business Continuity and Technical Services for all types of Cloud services needs through:
DIR Contract # DIR-TSO-4089

How to Order
  1. Contact a CenturyLink representative to obtain product information and quote.
  2. Create a Purchase Order referencing the DIR-CenturyLink agreement #DIR-TSO-4089.
  3. Fax Purchase Order to 855-320-0470 or contact your CenturyLink representative.
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