CPE - Visual Electronics
CenturyLink Offers Visual Electronics Networking Equipment

Qwest Communications Company LLC, dba CenturyLink was awarded the contract for Data Communications and Telecommunications Networking Equipment and Related Services.

Contract Information
How to Order
  1. Contact a CenturyLink representative to obtain product information and quote.
  2. Create a Purchase Order referencing the DIR-TSO-4330.
  3. Fax Purchase Order to 855-320-0470 or contact your CenturyLink representative.
Warranty and Return Information
Warranty and Return Information

CenturyLink will pass-through and assign to Customer all applicable warranties provided by the manufacturer of the applicable CPE hardware and software with no warranty of any kind from CenturyLink. Manufacturer warranties may be accessed at the following manufacturer websites.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Customer must contact their CenturyLink Representative to initiate the RMA process.

CenturyLink offers Visual Electronics equipment through the DIR Contract #DIR-TSO-4330.
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