Data and Voice Services (Tex-AN-NG)
Data and Voice Solutions for Texas (Tex-AN-NG)

CenturyLink Tex-An-NG Contract: DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-004.

How to Obtain Quotes and Place Purchase Orders

For product and pricing information a Centurylink representative is ready to assist. Please call or email us at: 1-888-839-2714 or texanng@centurylink.com

To place an order, please contact DIR Telecommunications at (877) 472-4848, option 4 or send an email to the DIR Orders Mailbox at: telecom.solutions@dir.texas.gov. DIR will then place the order with the CenturyLink. DIR invoices you directly and pays CenturyLink for services purchased.

Services Offered
Long Distance

CenturyLink® Outbound Long Distance service provides high-quality long-distance service over the CenturyLink fiber optic network. Both switched and dedicated access is available for connectivity to the CenturyLink network and public switched telephone network. Outbound Long Distance service provides local access to the CenturyLink national network via a local loop circuit using CenturyLink owned and operated facilities/third-party provider facilities or via facilities customer arranges on its own (customer-provided access). Actual bandwidth and speed of circuits can vary from 1.544 Mbps up to 1 Gbps, depending on your needs.

  • 100 percent of long-haul voice traffic on the CenturyLink multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) backbone
  • Voice, virtual private network (VPN) and call routing capabilities provided by robust and redundant service control point (SCP) pairs
  • Reliable switch architecture with intelligent network routing
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Flexible invoicing and contract options
  • Exceptional customer service
  • CenturyLink fiber network

CenturyLink® Toll-Free Service is a competitively priced, full-featured service offering that helps your business maintain close contact with your customers. Toll-Free Service provides a cost-effective way to facilitate pre- and post-sale customer contact, order taking, product support and other key customer-service functions. In addition to the basic toll-free service that enables your customers to dial an 8XX number and connect to your business, CenturyLink Domestic Toll-Free Service offers a powerful set of enhanced features that allow you to tailor the service to your needs.

IP Long Distance

The suite of CenturyLink® IP Long-Distance and Toll-Free services provides the ability to receive inbound 1 8XX toll-free calls from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) handed off to CenturyLink's customers in VoIP (session initiation protocol (SIP)) format. Whether used as a package or individually, IP Long-Distance is an integrated service platform that business customers rely on for fast, accurate and cost-effective voice transport.

SIP Voice Trunking

CenturyLink® SIP Trunk enables the origination and termination of local voice, dedicated long-distance, as well as domestic and international toll-free service across a single broadband connection. It is designed to work in conjunction with CenturyLink® iQ® Networking service, which includes a secure, managed, fully interoperable and scalable suite of wide area network (WAN) services. CenturyLink iQ Networking service is comprised of advanced Internet protocol (IP)-centric, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based solutions.

  • Scalability
  • Dedicated long-distance*
  • Domestic and International Toll-Free service*
  • Supports emergency 911 calling
  • Inherent Security with purchase of MPLS Private and Enhanced Ports
  • Switch Diversity*
  • Competitive service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Supports Local Number Portability
EZ Route

CenturyLink® EZ Route is a network-based, customer-configured, IVR Platform. As part of the CenturyLink Toll-Free Service suite, it allows you to answer calls, provide message announcements and support call routing to live agents or other interactive voice response (IVR) applications. With EZ Route, you can easily develop voice menu, database routing, speech recognition IVR's, as well as link to Intelligent Call Processing and custom applications (on CenturyLink Hosted IVR) via a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI). This includes assigning toll-free numbers and transfer-to numbers for routing. You can then record your own announcements over the phone or upload professionally recorded audio files using the Web-based GUI.


In today's fast paced environment businesses must have a quick, reliable and easy way to notify their customers of important information. CenturyLink Notify service delivers a robust, multi-channel communications solution, providing you with the power to easily deliver information by voice, email, SMS message or FAX. CenturyLink Notify can provide automated notifications to customers for a variety of events. Examples include appointment reminders, payment reminders and order ready for pick up, to name a few.

CenturyLink Notify has two different application options:

  • Portal Applications - the self-service portal provides the ability to build your own applications on the fly.
  • Custom API Applications - enables you to design a completely custom solution, including database integration and event triggered notifications.
Interaction Routing

Interaction Routing uses the CenturyLink network to route calls utilizing direct network-to-agent, skills-based routing, based on your business rules, without requiring premises-based equipment.

Interaction Routing can be customized to adapt to your business needs to manage inbound, outbound, e-mail and web-based transactions through Q Routing's universal queuing and reporting capabilities. Interaction Routing can route calls to any agent, anywhere; via either Centrex, PBX, analog, ISDN, POTS, cellular, VoIP or PC desktop phones, working in the office or at home. With Interaction Routing's virtual contact center capabilities, agents can be centralized or widely dispersed and can be configured to support even the largest of agent populations.

Hosted IVR

The Hosted IVR speech recognition platform integrates with customer applications and is developed using the industry standard Voice xML (VXML) programming language. Hosted IVR can work as a stand-alone application platform, or integrate with customer Web applications and databases, automatic call distribution (ACD) and other vendor IVRs using computer telephony integration (CTI). Hosted IVR provides the reliability and scalability of a network-based solution with the control and flexibility of a premises-based implementation. Applications may include business locator services, financial customer information lookup, appointment scheduling, or any application where information can be provided efficiently by an automated interface.


CenturyLink® iQ® Networking Internet Port is a reliable and dedicated Internet access service over the advanced CenturyLink OC-192 Internet protocol (IP) network, one of the most sophisticated networks available. It offers an exceptional service level agreement (SLA) and some of the highest customer access speeds in the industry today. Additional services can be used with Internet Port: security services, integrated customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions, international connectivity, Integrated Management Services, the Web-based management and reporting portal and much more.

  • OC-192 IP network
  • Extensive peering arrangements
  • Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) fast reroute and core redundancy
  • Comprehensive SLA
  • Flat-rate and usage-sensitive billing
  • Best-of-breed Internet network partners around the world
DDoS Mitigation

CenturyLink® iQ® DDoS Mitigation Service is an optional service available to CenturyLink customers that want an additional level of protection on their Internet Ports. The service provides network based detection and mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Service is always ordered with CenturyLink® iQ® Networking Internet Port.

DDoS Mitigation Service monitors and identifies threats, validates those threats with you and takes action on validated threats to keep you connected. The attack mitigation takes place with the network based mitigation infrastructure. The malicious traffic is filtered in the CenturyLink network before it reaches your network while valid traffic is allowed to pass to you.

CenturyLink DDoS Mitigation service benefits:

  • Detects DDoS attacks (Proactive option)
  • Helps remove malicious traffic while allowing legitimate business traffic to pass through
  • Mitigates malicious traffic in the CenturyLink network before it floods your private network
  • Improves service availability of your business

DDoS Mitigation Service is an ideal solution for customers in the finance, e-commerce and other industries with significant assets tied to the availability of the Internet infrastructure

VoIP Service

CenturyLink® iQ® Managed VoIP - an IP application that provides real-time, two-way voice capability in IP over a broadband connection - combines the two most-used tools of the business trade, the phone and computer/Internet, creating a single communications platform that delivers the best of both worlds. An outsourced and fully managed solution, Managed VoIP delivers converged technology that requires minimal capital expense, provides automatic software updates, is highly scalable to accommodate growth and offers easy online administration and trouble ticketing.

With Managed VoIP, you make local and long-distance phone calls using an Internet connection. You can also make local, off-net domestic long-distance and off-net international calls to end users on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). You get a choice of packaged options customized to meet your specific needs and calling patterns. Managed VoIP brings it all together, integrating your voice, video and data communications over a single, reliable network service.


Managed VoIP has two package options, Managed VoIP Office and Managed VoIP Office Enhanced - a combination of local, long-distance, voice and office features - to meet your needs and calling patterns. The service also works with CenturyLink® iQ® Networking Internet Port. Standout features include a/an: Personal online dashboard providing voice mail, call logging, find-me/follow-me capabilities, contact manager and easy click-to-call functionality.

Administration portal enabling online user setup, moves, adds and changes (MACs), hunt/pick-up group configuration and online ticketing.

Portal access via Microsoft® Outlook® integration providing unified messaging and integrated e-mail and voice messaging capabilities.*

*Requires Office Enhanced package.

IP Phone options also available for an additional fee.

Managed IPC

Managed IPC is a nationwide, customer premises equipment (CPE)-based, solution composed of four primary components - IP Telephony, Voice Mail/Unified Messaging, Wireless LAN and IP Contact Center. This is a highly flexible solution that can include any or all of the applications above. Additionally, Managed IPC can be provided with or without CPE.

Bundled MIPC offers a highly customized solution that unifies your network into a converged platform that supports voice, video and data. Through a fully-bundled IPC service that includes a convergence readiness assessment, Managed IPC provides all necessary hardware, software, licenses, installation, maintenance and 24/7 proactive application management and monitoring. The charge for this service is an all-inclusive monthly recurring charge (MRC) per managed port. Since CenturyLink provides all elements as a part of the service, the customer can avoid the large capital expense associated with buying the CPE. Managed Only IPC provides 24/7 proactive monitoring and management of customer-purchased CPE.

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