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Name Date Description
Billing Media Guide 06/12/15 Overview of available billing options and additional details involved with each option.
CLEC Performance Reports 06/29/06 Provides information on accessing and navigating the CLEC Service Performance Reporting System (CSPRS).
Company Codes 06/22/07 Legal entity names, company codes and Interexchange Customer Service Center (ICSC) codes for each of the eighteen CenturyLink operating states.
Directory Publishing Close Date 02/01/21 Directory listing close dates
Entering Network Premises 08/27/14 This guide provides CLEC customers the guidelines they need to enter the premises for collocation.
Interconnection ASR Template 12/3/12 Provides guidelines for CLEC Interconnection customers in placing ASR's for trunking orders. Includes key field population on trunking orders and directions for ordering Interconnection that involves a connecting LEC.

Last Update: February 1, 2021