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Name Date Description
Billing Media Guide 06/01/10 Overview of available billing options and additional details involved with each option.
CLEC Performance Reports 06/29/06 Provides information on accessing and navigating the CLEC Service Performance Reporting System (CSPRS).
CLEC Resource Guide 07/14/08 Explains what resources are available to CLECs, including what and where information can be found on the Wholesale web site, IRES User Guide and CenturyLink™ Yellow Pages site.
Company Codes 06/22/07 Legal entity names, company codes and Interexchange Customer Service Center (ICSC) codes for each of the eighteen CenturyLink operating states.
Cooperative Testing 12/10/04 Cooperative Testing of a digital data loop is a joint test between CenturyLink and the ordering CLEC.
Enhanced Extended Link 11/19/04 A product guide for a combination of dedicated unbundled network elements.
Entering Network Premises 08/27/14 This guide provides CLEC customers the guidelines they need to enter the premises for collocation.
Interconnection ASR Template 12/3/12 Provides guidelines for CLEC Interconnection customers in placing ASR's for trunking orders. Includes key field population on trunking orders and directions for ordering Interconnection that involves a connecting LEC.
Interconnection Trunking Guide 12/10/04 Provides information on CLEC Interconnection Trunk Arrangements.
Joint Testing On Customer Report 9/25/06 Describes the process for CLECs to request a technician be made available for additional testing with CLEC personnel upon clearing a trouble report. The service is available for CLEC UNE and Resale services, where trouble is reported to the CenturyLink Business Services Assurance Center (BSAC).
Loops With Number Portability Hot Cut Process 8/18/10 This guide describes the Loops With Number Portability Hot Cut Process.
LWS Complete for PAL 11/18/05 This guide describes the LWS Complete for PAL product and associated processes.
LWS Complete for POTS Guide 8/15/05 This guide describes the LWS Complete for POTS product and associated processes.
Natural Disaster Processes 07/23/04 A general overview of how CenturyLink prepares for and recovers from disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods and acts of terrorism.
Preorder Loop Qualification 05/05/03 Provides the process to obtain loop makeup information and associated conditioning costs.
Resale 07/29/03 Provides information for the CLEC doing resale business with CenturyLink.
SIG & MSAG 02/24/10 Provides guidelines for ordering street information within CenturyLink serving areas.
Terms & Acronyms 12/10/04 Glossary of common CenturyLink terms and acronyms for the CLEC market.
Unbundled Network Elements 12/17/04 Provides information for the facilities-based CLEC doing business with CenturyLink.
Unbundled Network Elements Transport 12/10/04 Provides information for the facilities-based CLEC requiring interoffice transport.
Voice Mail Quick Reference 10/22/04 Provides an overview of Voice Mail services available for resale and UNE-P CLECs.