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Expedited Order Charge

An Expedited Order Charge will apply when a customer requests a service date that is earlier than the standard interval set forth for the following services:

Standard Installation Intervals:

  • DS3 - 15 business days
  • DS1 and DS0 - 6 business days
  • Expedites for legacy CenturyTel areas are addressed on an individual case basis

The charge will be a flat rate of $300.00 regardless of the service and will be assessed per day of improvement over the standard installation interval time frame.

SONET, Ethernet Transport and EVPL are not included as the installation intervals for these services are negotiated with the customer. Part-time Video or Audio services are also excluded.

Customers requesting an Expedited order must mark the EXP field on the ASR with a "Y" and indicate the desired due date.

All efforts will be made to ensure delivery on the requested date and the charge will automatically be applied if CenturyLink meets the date. (Not applicable in Legacy CenturyTel areas.)

Additional information can be located in Embarq Local Operating Companies FCC #1 Interstate Tariff.

Last Update: July 21, 2017