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Adding accounts to your enterprise ID

If you manage multiple accounts, instead of logging in under multiple enterprise IDs, add all the accounts you manage to your Control Center enterprise ID. You'll be able to manage all your services in one place.

To add one (or more) accounts to your enterprise ID:

  1. Click the Admin tile, then click the Manage Enterprise subtile.
  1. Click Add Accounts.
  1. Add accounts by doing one of the following. You can add accounts one at a time or up to 100 at a time (bulk upload):

Adding multiple accounts at a time

a. In the Add Multiple Accounts (Bulk Load) box, click Launch Multiple Accounts Template.

b. Download and open the Excel template.

c. Fill in the spreadsheet with the accounts you want to add. When you're done, save the file.

d. In Control Center, click Browse & Upload Completed. (Max uploadable file size is 1MB.)

e. Upload the file.

f. Click Submit.

Adding one account at a time

a. Scroll down to Add Single Account.

b. Type the account number, then click Apply.

c. If you need to add additional accounts, repeat steps a and b.

d. Click Submit.

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