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Changing user permissions

Control Center system administrators assign permissions based on the level of support their users need to provide their organization. Permissions are broken down by product or function with read-only and read/write access options.

For instance, if you are aisystem administrator and have given someone read/write access to Invoices, payments, and billing inquiries, that employee can view statements, pay invoices, and create billing tickets. If read-only access is given, users can only view billing information.

To change an existing Control Center user's permissions:

  1. Click the Admin tab, then click the Users subtab.

    Control Center lists the users currently assigned to the enterprise. (Users with the blue person with a gear icon are already system administrators.)
  1. Search for the user you want to change permissions for:

    • Scroll through the list of users. Click the blue down arrow at the bottom of the page to expand the list ten users at a time. Click the number links (next to Show) to show more users at a time.

    • Type the person's user ID in the search field. (Control Center filters the user list as you type the user ID.)
  2.  When you find the user, click View/Edit Profile.

    Control Center displays the profile for the user.
  1. Click Update Permissions, then type your Control Center password and click Go.

    Control Center displays the current permissions for the user.
  1. Use the toggles and sliders to set the permissions for the user. For the sections (e.g., Billing or Administration), you can turn on or off permissions for the whole section. Within a section, you can turn on and off individual permissions. To view more information about a permission, hover over the question mark on the far right of the line for the permission. (To designate the user as a system administrator, make sure the Customer System Admin toggle is in the On position. System administrators have access to all permissions.)

  2. When you're done editing permissions for the user, click Return to Profile.

    Control Center saves your changes.
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