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Enrolling in AutoPay

Using AutoPay, you can have your CenturyLink Business bill paid automatically each month using a checking or savings account. Once set up, funds are withdrawn from the bank account you choose. You can enroll in AutoPay (or unenroll) at any time. You can also make changes to your AutoPay payment information.

To enroll in AutoPay, do the following:

  1. Click the Billing tile, then click the AutoPay subtile.

    Control Center displays a list of accounts and indicates whether they're currently enrolled in AutoPay. (Accounts with Autopay ACH in the Payment Method column are currently enrolled in AutoPay.)
  1. Click the Enroll tab.

    Control Center lists the account(s) you don't currently have enrolled in autopay.
  1. Check the box for each account you want to enroll in autopay. (If you don't immediately see the little box, it's probably hidden. Scroll to the right to find it.)

  2. Click Continue.
  1. Review the list to be sure you've selected the account(s) you want to enroll and do one of the following:

    • If you've selected the right account(s), click Enroll.

    • If you need to make changes, click Previous.

    • If you want to cancel enrolling the account(s) in autopay, click Cancel.

  2. In the Bank Account Type field, select whether you want to use a checking (New Checking Account) or savings (New Savings Account) account.
  1. Fill in the information for your bank account (routing number and account number).

  2. Click the I agree to these Terms and Conditions checkbox.

  3. Click Next.
  1. Verify that the information you entered is correct, then click Save. (If the information is not correct, click the green Make Changes link and make your corrections.)

  2. Review and keep the confirmation information that appears on the screen.

Your changes will become effective within 1–2 billing cycles. Once completed, you'll receive an email confirming your enrollment. (IMPORTANT: Continue paying your bill as normal until your AutoPay enrollment has been confirmed.)

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