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Viewing the status of your billing requests (tickets)

Depending on the type of account and permissions you have, you will likely be able to see a list of the billing requests (tickets) submitted for your organization and be able to check their status. (If you want to check the status of your repair tickets, click the Service Mgmt tab, then click the Ticketing subtab.)

To view the status of your billing requests (tickets):

  1. Click the Billing tab, then click the Billing Requests subtab.

    Control Center displays all your billing requests (tickets) and detail for each:

    • Request ID (Ticket #)
    • Create Date
    • Billing Account Number (the account number the ticket was opened for)
    • Billing Request (the type of request such as Inquiry or Dispute)
    • Customer Internal ID (your bus org)
    • Status (status of the billing request)
    • Dispute Type (the type of question, dispute or change form that was selected)
  1. To view more detail, click the row for the billing request. To locate a specific billing request, you can search for it. Click the column headers to sort all the records—ascending/descending, descending/ascending.
  2. You can add notes, attachments, disputed invoices and contact information to an open ticket.
  3. If you wish to close an open or active status billing request, click the Close Request link.  This submits a notification to the Billing Analyst to view and close the billing request.
  1. When you're done viewing the ticket details, click << Billing Requests to return to the Billing Request tab. 

You can only see billing requests associated with accounts you have permission to see and those which are created online. 

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