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Viewing your bill

Control Center stores your previous 24 months of bills.

To view your bill, do the following:

  1. Click the Billing tab, then click the Invoices subtab.
  1. If you want to find a specific bill/invoice, you can search for it in various ways:

    • Search for a specific account (by invoice number, account group, etc.) using the Search by… field and search box.

    • Filter your invoices by account group by selecting an option from the View All (Default)… drop-down list.

  2. Once you find the bill/invoice you want, click the green down arrow on the right side of the line for the account.

    Control Center displays additional details for the account such as billing address, due date, last payment (and date received), delivery method, etc.

  3. To view the invoice, click View Invoice.

Click the Download All Accounts link to export the accounts listed on Invoices subtile to a CSV (comma separated value) file – which can open as an excel file if desired.

Did you know? If you'd like to pay your bill online, we accept payment by bank account. You can also enroll in AutoPay to have your bill automatically paid each month.

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