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Viewing a list of your Alert Center notifications

You can create custom notifications so that you are alerted about changes to your tickets, billing, or orders.

To view a list of your custom notifications, do the following:

  1. Click the Alerts icon (in the upper-right corner above the main navigation tiles).

    Control Center displays a list of your current notifications. The page automatically shows your last 10 records (as links), assuming you have that many to view. To view details for the record, click the link.

The page automatically shows your last 10 alerts (assuming you have that many to view). To view details for the alert, click anywhere on the line for the alert.

To see more records, click the arrow at the bottom of the list and the next 10 records will be loaded. If you want to see everything, click the largest number next to Show above the list. Notifications are available for 90 days, then they're deleted.

If you want to find a specific record, you can search for it. Click the Search by list to sort for specific categories of records (e.g., category, type, date/time).

Did you know? We set up new user profiles with a default Alert Center widget on your Control Center dashboard (homepage). If you're not seeing the widget on your dashboard, you may have moved or deleted it, but you can get it back.

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