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Troubleshooting login problems

Sometimes people run into problems when they try to log in to Control Center. For instance, they know they're entering their correct user ID and password, but they keep getting an error message. Or, they enter their info, but the login button grays out and becomes unclickable. While this kind of thing can be extremely frustrating, it's also very fixable.

When we say, "confirm the accuracy of your credentials," we're really saying is ... There could be a few reasons why what you're entering isn't working.

First, if you've forgotten your login credentials—and/or are concerned you're remembering them incorrectly—you can retrieve your user ID and password. (If needed, as part of the retrieval process, you can reset your password.)

Next, if you feel pretty certain you're entering the correct user ID and password, the problem might be how you're entering the information.

  • Are you copying and pasting your user ID or password? If so, that could be why you're experiencing troubles. When people copy and paste their user ID/password, they usually accidentally grab an extra space and insert that as part of their login credentials. With the extra space, the system doesn't recognize the user ID/password, and you get an error message. If this is the problem you're experiencing, manually typing in your user ID and password should solve it.

  • Are you relying on your browser to enter your password using stored information? Stored passwords usually don't work with our systems. We recommend manually typing in your Control Center password, rather than relying on your browser to retrieve it.

Finally, for some customers, the system automatically adds @control.centurylink.com to the end of their user ID. For instance, if your user ID is sallysmith, the system would change it to be sallysmith@control.centurylink.com. If you see this happen with your user ID, DO NOT delete the @control.centurylink.com. It's there for a reason and is part of the login process. (Note: If you're ever asked to provide your user ID, it's still the short first part -- in this case, sallysmith.)

If your login credentials are correct, the problem could be with your browser. If Control Center is running really slowly, that definitely could be a browser problem.

If none of these things work, the old, tried-and-true IT advice might solve the problem...close and restart your browser. Turn off and restart your computer.

Sometimes login problems have to do with your IP address. For instance, if you work for a government agency and have tried the things mentioned in this article without success, you should consult your IT department. The problem may be that your computer was temporarily disconnected from your network. Resetting, or renewing, your static IP address could solve the problem.

If you have more questions, contact us.

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