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We're continually making improvments to Control Center to help you manage your services more efficiently. Below, are our most recent enhancements—with links, where applicable, to articles on how to use the new or updated features.

July 2020

Global navigation changes: We've launched the next integration phase of our customer portals: CenturyLink® Control Center and MyLevel3. With this release, we moved the portal navigation from the top of the portal to the left side. The two portals now share common navigation tabs with options under those tabs. Tabs appear based on your permissions and organize portal pages into six categories: Admin, Inventory, Orders, Service Management, Reports, and Billing.

As part of these changes, the portal is now labeled as Control Center and uses a common dashboard. If you used both portals, switching between the two is now easier because you simply toggle between pages rather than changing portals. Where there are similar pages for both portals (e.g., viewing inventory), you’ll see a suffix added to help you differentiate between Control Center and MyLevel3 pages. Where features have been integrated (e.g., managing users), you’ll see a single link with no portal suffix.

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