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Ordering in Manage Orders

Manage Orders allows you to initiate orders using various ordering forms and tools.

OnLine Order Forms (OLOFs) are submitted in Control Center and are received by the CenturyLink National Wholesale Service Delivery for order entry processing.

Self service ordering tools include Dedicated 8XX ordering in DTFO or Dedicated 8XX Batch, Switched Services Ordering in Single Order Entry or Switched Batch.

Control Center offers multiple 8XX ordering options, including self service tools and OLOFs.  For help choosing an 8XX ordering method, see "Control Center Toll Free Ordering Reference Matrix" in Control Center > Walk Me Through tab/widget > Control Center Guides

This document is a quick reference guide that provides Supported Order Types, Supported 8XX Quantity per Order, Supported Features and Ordering Intervals.

To quickly access Manage Orders, you can do one of the following:

  • on the Control Center dashboard, select the Manage Orders shortcut link in the Frequently Visited widget
  • click Orders and then click Manage Orders

OnLine Order Forms (OLOFs)

OLOFs are utilized for submitting orders to CenturyLink Service Delivery for order entry processing.  In Manage Orders, begin an OLOF by clicking on the Add, Change or Disconnect, then selecting the desired OLOF from the Service Type list.

After submitting OLOFs, you will receive emails confirming that your order was received and processed.  You can contact us for order status updates, as well as check Post-Submission Order Status.

Dedicated 8XX Ordering in DTFO

DTFO is Dedicated Toll Free Origination.  These are self service ordering screens for Dedicated 8XX.

Order Templates

Using a submitted OLOF or DTFO order, a template can be created to use for future orders.

Dedicated 8XX Batch Add Ordering

Dedicated 8XX Batch is a bulk ordering functionality for Dedicated 8XX.  It supports adding dedicated termination 8XX that are new/reserved or complementary carrier.  It does not support porting 8xx, or changes/disconnect actions.

Switched Services Ordering

Also referred to as Single Order Entry (SOE), these are self service ordering screens for ANI, Switched 8XX and Calling Card services.

After submitting these orders, a confirmation message will be displayed on screen.  You can also use Service Status to look up these services.

Switched Batch Ordering

Switched Batch is a bulk ordering functionality for ANI, Switched 8XX and Calling Card.  It supports Adds, Changes and Disconnects (as well as Blocking and Unblocking ANIs).

Switched and Dedicated 8XX Ordering Tools

After submitting orders, you can check order status using our Preliminary Order Status, Post-Submission Order Status and Service Status screens.

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