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Service Reports for 8XX, ANI and Card

Control Center offers many reports for 8XX, ANI and Card.  See this list for more detailed information on the individual reports.

Service Reports are accessed in Control Center > Reports > Voice Reports > Service Reports.

8XX Reports:

  • 8XX Activity Report 
  • 8XX Completed Complementary Report 
  • 8XX History Report 
  • 8XX In Process Report 
  • 8XX In Process Complementary Report 
  • 8XX Port Out Report 
  • 8XX Port Rejects Report 
  • 8XX Zero Usage Report 
  • All 8XX Report 
  • All DED 8XX Detail Report 
  • All SWI 8XX Detail Report 
  • All Active 8XX Report 
  • All Disconnected 8XX Report 
  • Expiring 8XX Report

ANI Reports:

  • All ANI Report 
  • All ANI with CIC Report 
  • All ANI with PAC/VPAC Report 
  • All Active ANI Report 
  • All Blocked/Disconnected ANI Report 
  • ANI Activity Report 
  • ANI History Report 
  • ANI Status Code Report 
  • ANI Zero Usage Report

ANI Reports:

  • All Active Card Report 
  • All Card Report 
  • All Disconnected Card Report
  • Card Activity Report
  • Card History Report
  • Card Zero Usage Report

General Services Reports, not service specific:

  • Disconnect Report
  • Order ID Report 
  • Order Entry Reject Report
  1. Click on Reports, click on Voice Reports, then click on Service Reports.
  1. Click on Request Reports.

A confirmation will display when a report is requested.

  1. You can click < Service Reports to return to the previous screen and select View Reports tile, or return later to check on a requested report.
  2. Click on the View Report link on the far right to open the desired report.
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