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Toll Free Reports

Control Center provides you the ability to request and view a variety of reports, including:

  • Geographic NPA/NXX Routing
  • Switched Terminating Address
  • Dedicated Terminating Address
  • Originating NPA/NXX Routing
  • Toll Free Call Plans Per Feature
  • Toll Free Audit
  • Trunk Utilization

In addition to the variety of reports listed above, the system also provides you a summary of the reports you have requested and the ability to schedule reports.  See this list for more detailed information on the individual reports.


  • The scheduled reports for the Toll Free product will auto-delete from the system after 90 days.  In the event you need your reports longer than 90 days, you will need to save these reports to your local PC.
  • Trunk utilization reports are based on statistical information from a unique data source and may not exactly match data from other sources. Each report is intended for a different purpose and presents its data in a manner appropriate to its usage. For example, Trunk Utilization report data may not match Traffic Utilization report data because the each report's data comes from a different source and is intended for a different purpose.
  1. Click Reports, click Voice Reports, then click Toll Free.
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