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Converting a potential ticket into a repair ticket

CenturyLink creates potential tickets when we detect a possible problem on your network. Potential tickets remain open for 48 hours. If you're having issues with your service, you can convert the potential ticket into a repair ticket. If you're not having an issue, the potential ticket closes automatically after 48 hours or you can dismiss it and CenturyLink closes the potential ticket.

  1. Click the Service Mgmt tab (service management).

    The Ticketing subtab opens. Control Center shows all tickets created in the last 90 days, including tickets CenturyLink created on your behalf. By default, tickets are organized by the date the ticket was created (starting with the newest). The Status column shows the status for each ticket: New, Assigned, Pending, Closed, Canceled. Potential tickets are marked with a green flag ().
  1. Click anywhere on the row for the potential repair ticket.

    Control Center displays details for the potential repair ticket you selected.
  1. Review the information for the potential ticket.

    • To convert the potential ticket to a repair ticket, call CenturyLink Repair 800-524-5249 (see CenturyLink Wholesale support options).

      CenturyLink converts the potential ticket to a repair ticket.

    • To dismiss the potential ticket, click Dismiss.

      Control Center adds a note to the work log indicating the potential ticket can be closed.  CenturyLink closes the potential ticket.
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