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Escalating a repair ticket

If you have a repair ticket open and you need it resolved urgently, you can escalate the ticket. You can escalate a ticket only once an hour.

  1. Click the Service Mgmt tab (service management).

    The Ticketing subtab opens. Control Center shows all tickets created in the last 90 days, including tickets CenturyLink created on your behalf. By default, tickets are organized by the date the ticket was created (starting with the newest). The Status column shows the status for each ticket: New, Assigned, Pending, Closed, Canceled. Potential tickets are marked with a green flag ().
  1. Click anywhere on the row for the ticket you want to escalate.

    Control Center displays details for the ticket you selected.
  1. Click Escalate.

    Control Center shows the current level for the ticket, the next level you can escalate to, and the maximum escalation level. If it hasn't been an hour since your last escalation, you'll see a message telling you how long you have until you can escalate again.
  1. Type the reason you're requesting an escalation.
  1. In the Callback Required? field, choose the radio button to let CenturyLink know whether you want to be contacted about the escalation.
  1. Click Escalate.
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