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Understanding the types of circuit tests

You can run two types of circuit tests in Control Center: performance metrics (PM) and intrusive circuit tests.

Performance metrics tests

You can run performance metrics tests on circuits without taking them offline. For this reason, performance metrics tests are called non-intrusive tests because they don't intrude on your day-to-day work activities. After you request the test, the test is run almost immediately.

These tests:

  • take less than a minute
  • can be run on an as-needed basis
  • don't require scheduling
  • won't interrupt your service
  • can be run once per hour
  • are available for DS1-level circuits

Performance metrics tests are your first-line-of-testing defense. These tests check to see if the circuit is being overused or exceeding its bandwidth. If it is, you're probably experiencing latency and jitter and the problem could be with your equipment or our network.

Note: Performance metrics testing isn't available for DS0-level circuits. To schedule a test for a DS0 circuit, go through the steps to set up a performance metrics test as you normally would. After you enter the service ID for the circuit, you'll be prompted to schedule an intrusive test.

Intrusive circuit tests

Intrusive circuit tests require preparation and planning because they are more thorough. To run this type of test, we must take the circuit offline, which means it will be down temporarily. Consequently, these tests need to be scheduled in advance and you must provide a date and time for when they can be conducted.

These tests:

  • can only be run after a failed performance metrics test
  • can be run right away or scheduled for a time that won't disrupt your organization
  • require up to 30 minutes to complete
  • will interrupt your service temporarily
  • are available for DS0 and DS1 physical transport types
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