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Remote Control®
An Easy-to-Use Tool for Managing Your Business Online

Remote Control delivers secure, enhanced Web-based management of your provisioning, order entry and reporting functions with CenturyLink. Direct online access into CenturyLink back-office applications is now right at your fingertips via this easy, efficient system for managing your ordering and provisioning operations.

Remote Control enables direct control over provisioning and order management via encrypted remote access from your desktop. It features a user-friendly interface, helpful explanations of required fields and the ability to preview your orders for accuracy and completeness before submitting them.

With Remote Control You Can:

  • Send provisioning orders to CenturyLink by batch transmission or individual order entry for Switched 1+, 8XX and Calling Card services, in addition to Dedicated Toll-Free Origination (DTFO) with enhanced features such as DNIS, DTO, STG, ISO and Real-Time ANI, as well as the ability to add Dedicated Toll-Free numbers using our batch process which includes features such as percentage allocation, real-time ANI, DNIS, DTO, STG, ISO, and payphone blocking. Remote Control also provides you with the ability to make changes to existing call plans.
  • Create, manage and view unlimited templates for use in future orders
  • Save time through pre-population of fields on specific order types and via order templates. Order time is also reduced through enhanced pre-validations of forms to eliminate errors before your order is submitted to CenturyLink
  • Save partially completed DTFO orders and complete them at your convenience
  • Create and format switched files for batch processing using the batch formatter
  • Add, change, disconnect and block switched services within a single file using the file processing system
  • Receive immediate confirmation that your orders and batch files have been received by CenturyLink
  • Correct rejected switched 1+ orders and resubmit orders online using the CARE Editor
  • Check the status of your switched and dedicated provisioning orders online
  • Access your daily CDRs online
  • View your choice of Basic Status/Activity Reports and take advantage of CenturyLink Remote Control’s Advanced Query Reporting and Quick Status Reports

Benefits for You

  • Streamline provisioning so you can turn orders into revenue faster and with more efficiency
  • Check ongoing status of submitted orders, customer database queries, packaged reports, extensive daily status and records information
  • Submit orders, make changes to services and receive immediate confirmations in real-time, 24x7x365

How to Get Started

For more information on Remote Control, please call a CenturyLink Sales Representative.