Optical Wavelength Service (OWS)

OWS is an all-optical network with complete transparency supporting most emerging applications such as Big Data, Cloud and Hosting applications, Hybrid IT, Internet of Things (IoT), Operations Center connectivity, and resiliency

  • Award winning network performance
  • Ultimate scalability with bandwidths from 1Gbe through 100Gbe to support today’s bandwidth intensive applications
  • Point-to-point fully managed dedicated private broadband service based on dense wave division multiplexing network architecture, with optional circuit design features:
    • Unprotected wavelength between circuit endpoints, with a SLA’s of 99.9%
    • Diverse unprotected wavelengths circuits diversely routed between circuit endpoints, with a SLA of 99.99%
    • Protected circuits diversely routed between two circuit end points will have a SLA’s of 99.999%
    • Custom Routing Solutions to meet unique diversity and disaster recovery requirements

Vast Fiber Reach and Global Availability

  • Over 250,000 miles of U.S. fiber network and 300,000 route miles of international transport
  • Metro on-net depth in 37 ILEC markets
  • Buy agreements for access outside our ILEC territories with all major local access providers
  • 170+ Longhaul and National Metro locations
  • International rings in Europe, London, Canada, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore
  • Connects to 60+ Global CenturyLink data centers and more than 250+ third party data centers and carrier hotels
  • Connectivity to important cable landing stations that serve Asian , Latin American, Canadian and European countries

Unmatched Support and Safeguarded Security

  • 24X 7 support that is secure, predictable, and cost effective, and includes fault management of network transport alarms, surveillance, dispatch and fix verification/tracking
  • Confident and sound security; strong enough for the Federal Government
  • Our network employees have extensive expertise in technical design, operations, surveillance and network maintenance
  • Our highly experienced sales and engineering teams can help customize a solution to meet your specific requirements for interfaces, diversity, protection, and end to end connectivity and routing