Viewing the USOC list

The USOC List feature enables you to view a read-only list of universal service order codes (USOCs) that can be provisioned on 5E and DMS100 switch types.

  1. Click the NON DESIGN tab.

  2. Click the EDRV subtab.

  3. Click Submit.

    The CEMR Edrv window opens.

  4. Enter the 10-digit TN in the Telephone Number field (dashes are not allowed).

  5. Click Submit.

    A "Please wait while the response is being fetched..." message appears while data is being retrieved, which may take several minutes depending on the switch type.

  6. Click the Edrv USOC List link.

    The Edrv USOC List page appears with a list of USOCs and their descriptions.


  7. Scroll down as needed to view more USOCs.