Loop Back

Client Self Test provides Wholesale customers with the ability to perform testing on their DS1 circuits. A CEMR customer with valid CEMR credentials is able to log in and utilize the Loop Back feature that allows a customer to place an extra level of trouble shooting without opening a ticket with CenturyLink. This will place a bidirectional loop in a CenturyLink owned test head that can be tested from the customer premise or over the meet point. This test provides customers with a pop up that reads: “Warning this is an Intrusive Test. The circuit will be taken out of service for the duration of the test.”

This function provides a Loop Back so the customer can test and decided if a ticket needs to be opened with CenturyLink.

When requested, Test Expert will place a loop in the closest test head to the customer so they can test intrusively for trouble isolation.

A loop will be placed in the circuit for 10 minutes and will drop after the time expires.

CenturyLink provides a cancel Loop Back command.

Loop Back Responses

Test Expert Results

Summary Code

Text Response

No test access available


No test access available - Please open a ticket.

Loop Up


Test completed successfully

Inconclusive results


Unspecified failure took place – Please open a ticket

Cancel Option

In the Loop Back Test is an option that allows the user to “cancel” the test.