Non-Intrusive Testing

Client Self Test provides Wholesale customers with the ability to perform testing on their DS1 circuits. A CEMR customer with valid CEMR credentials is able to log in and run a Non-Intrusive Test as if CenturyLink were conducting the test via Test Expert. This test can be used to verify the circuit is up and error free. This test will not gather all of the information available with the Full Test.

This test will provide all of the information available without taking the circuit out of service

Non-Intrusive Responses

Test Expert Results

Summary Code

Text Response

No test access available


No test access available - Please open a ticket.

DS1 PM’s clean


DS1 PM’s Clean

Errors in CenturyLink Network (line)


Errors in the CenturyLink network – Please open a ticket

Errors Not Isolated (path)


Errors detected, not isolated – Please review before opening a ticket

Inconclusive results


Unspecified failure took place – Please open a ticket

Alarm Red


 RED ALARM detected.  No further trouble found.

Alarm Yellow


YELLOW ALARM detected.  No further trouble found.