User Authentication

CEMR uses the digital certificate to determine your identity and accessible information.

To use CEMR, you must obtain a digital certificate from CenturyLink and configure your browser for the digital certificate.

Access to specific data and functions within CEMR are controlled by the configuration of your digital certificate, which is assigned by the CEMR System Administrator. This means your digital certificate allows you to view only those circuits that are owned by your company.

  1. Get a certificate name and PIN, from your CenturyLink service manager.

  2. Access the CenturyLink E-Commerce site and follow the instructions provided there to download your digital certificate to your desktop.

  3. Configure your browser for digital certificate, and other recommended settings.

  4. Access CEMR site.

You will be required to download and install the digital certificate assigned to you by CenturyLink only once on your system. If you already have a digital certificate for another CenturyLink application, you must still complete the digital certificate process. This will add CEMR to your existing certificate.

Protect your User ID and password information, and the CEMR Login password, to prevent unauthorized access to CEMR and information specific to your company, through your PC.